Full Name
Mr. Paul Aldrich
Job Title
Director, USSF Small Business
SAF/Small Business
Speaker Bio
Paul M. Aldrich is the Director, United Stated Space Force Small Business Programs, Office of the Secretary of the Air Force, Pentagon, Washington D.C. He oversees the small business program for the USSF commander in organizing, training, and equipping the mission-ready small business professionals who work closely with their Delta’s and Garrisons, and NAFs to provide prime and subcontract opportunities for small businesses within government contracts.

He is responsible for directing, managing, and measuring the execution of Small Business Programs throughout the Space Force. Mr. Aldrich serves as the Space Force’s principle advocate for small business through policy development, legislative proposals, industry outreach, strategic messaging, and small business initiatives. In addition, he reviews acquisition strategies for small business policy compliance and adequacy of the programs’ small business goals. He promotes a strong partnership with our nation’s small businesses and is responsible for identifying new opportunities to increase the USSF and Air Force’s $8B in annual obligations to small businesses in order to broaden the industrial base, inspire innovation, and improve the USSF and Air Force’s access to new technologies.

Mr. Aldrich was born in Buffalo NY. Holds a Master of Business in Procurement from Webster University. Under the Acquisition Professional Development Program, Paul currently holds Level III Professional Certifications in Contracting and Purchasing.

Paul retired from active duty after serving 21 years in the Air Force, and was involved in all aspects of contracting from operational squadrons to major commands. He returned to the Air Force operational contracting after joining civil service in April 2004 and was assigned to the Small Business Specialist position at the AFSPC HQ in May 2008
Paul Aldrich