Full Name
Claire Walter
Job Title
Director, Program Operations
Speaker Bio
Claire Walter has 18+ years experience managing large-scale system and service implementations, including integration with Financial Systems, across the Federal and Defense sectors. Ms. Walter began her career at Northrop Grumman as an implementation specialist for the Defense Travel System (DTS) and GovTrip, supporting the deployment of DTS across DoD installations and the implementation of GovTrip across multiple cabinet- level agencies to include HHS, DOT, and Treasury. Mrs. Walter went on to provide consultative services to HHS and other Federal agencies using eGov travel systems before becoming a GSA Federal employee, managing vendor performance and providing recommendations for travel standardization as a subject matter expert. Mrs. Walter now leads the Program Operations team for GrantSolutions, supporting program delivery to Federal Partners. Mrs. Walter holds a BA in Criminal Justice, a Master in Business Administration (MBA), and began studying the relationship of emotional intelligence within project management for organizational success. Mrs. Walter seeks to contribute to the practical application and execution of project management by identifying strategies organizations can use to develop higher emotional intelligence within existing teams and to recruit higher emotionally intelligent candidates. Mrs. Walter believes human interaction is fundamental to an organization and individual success, and in increasing emphasis on emotional intelligence development to promote a positive effect on social evolution and change.
Claire Walter