Full Name
Ms. Hannah Hunt
Job Title
Chief Innovation Officer
Army Software Factory
Speaker Bio
Hannah Hunt currently serves as the Chief Innovation Officer for the Army Futures Command Software Factory, which is focused on upskilling the workforce in building world-class software that wins wars. Prior to that role, Hannah served as the Chief of Staff at Kessel Run, the Air Force’s premiere software factory, with the mission of building and delivering software that warfighters love. Kessel Run utilizes in-house organic expertise to build mission critical software that support warfighters and enhance national security. In that role, Hannah managed a cross functional team of business, personnel, manpower, commander support staff, and strategic initiatives experts that enabled Kessel Run to complete its mission. Hannah was the youngest Chief of Staff in the Air Force and strives to emphasize a lean startup and agile work environment for the organization. Hannah is focused on building the next generation of Army coders to increase readiness and lethality.
Hannah Hunt