Full Name
Colonel Charles L. Destefani
Job Title
Chief Architect and AFMC Liaison Officer
Air Force Chief Data Office
Speaker Bio
Colonel Charles L. Destefani is the Department of the Air Force Department Chief Data Office (SAF/CO) Chief Architect and AFMC Liaison Officer. He delivers innovative data analytics capabilities to reduce the decision cycle time across all Air Force warfighting domains and spearheads analytics initiatives in the Logistics, Information Technology communities, and PEOs under the Life Cycle Management Center. He is responsible for establishing data strategy and reference architecture that encompass both Air and Space Forces in alignment with Federal Law and National Defense Strategy. He facilitates the Data Architecture Working Group to enable Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning across all of the functional verticals, and drive technology and business process decisions to realize the CDO Vision of making data VAULT – Visible, Accessible, Understandable, Linked, and Trusted across the operational, ISR, Space, and Business System enterprises.
Colonel Charles L. Destefani