Full Name
Ms. Caroline Kuharske
Job Title
Acting Director, Office of the Chief Data Officer
Defense Information Systems Agency
Speaker Bio
Caroline Kuharske, Acting Director, Office of the Chief Data Officer, serves as the Defense Information System Agency's Chief Data Officer and leads a culture that embraces a robust programmatic approach to data management. Her role identifies, prioritizes, and executes data and analytic initiatives aligned to DISA's enterprise strategies and business outcomes.

Mrs. Kuharske previously served as a strategic planner for DISA Operations Center Service Directorate, providing leadership guidance to achieve directorate goals for efficiency and standardization. The service directorate provides mission services such as telecommunications, computing, cyber operations and mission assurance, and other capabilities to support the military services, defense agencies, intelligence community, and joint and coalition warfighters worldwide. Her actions as a strategic planner led to a 40% efficiency increase across business operations with a 15% spending reduction.

Mrs. Kuharske also served in multiple capacities throughout DISA's operational element, such as the DISA Voice Services Operations and Sustainment Chief and Defense Information System Network Monitoring Tools Project Lead. During both roles, she discovered multiple cost-saving avenues, resulting in more than $8 million in savings. She also focused on consolidating numerous tool efforts to streamline the efficient and effective use of DISA resources.

Mrs. Kuharske earned a Bachelor of Science degree in management and human resources with a concentration in a behavioral science approach to leadership in 2014.
Caroline Kuharske