Full Name
Moderator: Tasha Jones
Job Title
Army IT Day Planning Committee
Speaker Bio
Depending on who you ask, Tasha Jones can be referred to in many ways, mom, wife, friend, daughter, mentor, advisor, investor, and the list goes on. As for her business persona, she is a U.S. Navy Veteran and the Founder of Twenty39, an operations enablement firm that provides transformation services and modern low to no code solutions businesses and government clients. She has over twenty years’ experience in the U.S. Federal, Defense and Intelligence market space; and is a recognized problem solver and data champion, adept at translating complex business and technical concepts into simple, mission focused messages and implementations. From scaling multi-million-dollar, functionally diverse global portfolios to spearheading multiple high-visibility project turnaround efforts for major IT systems and processes at the US Department of Justice, Ms. Jones is an industry-recognized leader in developing data informed solutions, turning around “off the rail” projects and “just getting the job done right”!

Outside of business hours, Tasha supports entrepreneurs and social impact organizations and serves on the board for Citrine Angels; a membership group providing early-stage investment opportunities and education to female investors in the Washington DC Metro area.
Tasha Jones