Full Name
Mr. Greg Kamigawachi
Job Title
President & CEO
Phoenix Operations Group
Speaker Bio
Mr. Kamigawachi is the President and CEO of Phoenix Operations Group (Phoenix), a small-business defense contractor headquartered in the Washington DC area. With his business partners, Mr. Kamigawachi founded Phoenix in 2014 and has grown it to over 40 employees, spanning dozens of programs across the Defense and Intelligence Community. Today, Phoenix uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques, Cloud Computing platforms, and Big Data technologies to produce Battlefield Intelligence analytics.

Mr. Kamigawachi has a background in software engineering, spending 20+ years developing data analytics at General Dynamics and several small companies. He is a lauded engineer with a reputation for leading large programs using Agile processes and collaborative communication techniques (e.g., Slack, Zoom, Entrepreneurial Operating System). Over the years, his focus has been on data analytics deployed to OCONUS locations. His current focus is on the application of data science for Army, Navy and Air Force missions.

Mr. Kamigawachi was born in Northern California where his family’s farm grows tomatoes, almonds, and sod. While entirely unrelated to the software or GovCon industries, these early lessons in small-business operations have proven invaluable throughout his career. His current hobbies include perfecting sourdough cultures, training for mud-runs, and playing Call-of-Duty with other Phoenix employees.

Mr. Kamigawachi holds a MS in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University, a BS in Computer Science from the University of California San Diego and holds numerous certifications in the areas of cloud architectures, machine learning, data science, ethical hacking, and software engineering.
Greg Kamigawachi