Full Name
Dr. Michelle Goddard-Kim
Job Title
Chief Diversity Officer
Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)
Speaker Bio
Michelle L. Goddard-Kim, Ph.D., is acting chief diversity officer at the Defense Information Systems Agency. She leads diversity and inclusion strategies and goalsetting in support of the agency’s values and mission to defend the warfighter in cyberspace. Goddard-Kim researches policies, procedures and programs to identify gaps and remove barriers to attract, develop and engage a diverse and highly capable workforce.

Previously, she served as DISA’s strategic planner, writing the agency’s plan to achieve its mission, vision, goals and objectives. She directed performance measurement activities to track DISA’s progress and ensured that external communications highlighted DISA’s strategic role in the cyber defense of the nation.

Prior to joining DISA, she was the deputy chief of staff at the U.S. Army Chemical Biological Center. As part of the nation’s chemical biological defense program, Goddard-Kim led the administration of a world-class science and engineering laboratory. Her work included initiatives in strategic planning, sustainment and modernization of critical infrastructure, human resources and financial management.

Goddard-Kim also worked as a policy advisor on countering weapons of mass destruction at the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy. She established policy and guidance to protect U.S. and allied forces against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear attack from state and terrorist actors. She played a critical leadership role in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s Committee on Counterproliferation to develop coordinated policy language that improves collaboration between allies to strengthen joint chemical and biological incident response forces.
She began her defense career in 2005 as a mechanical engineer working on chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear protective equipment for warfighters.

Goddard-Kim holds a doctorate in public policy from the University of Maryland Baltimore County, a Master of Science in engineering management from Drexel University and a Bachelor of Science in engineering science from Loyola University. A licensed professional engineer, Goddard-Kim is a member of the Loyola University Dean of Arts and Sciences Steering Committee and the Engineering Department Advisory Board. She is active in the nonprofit community and serves on the Hearing and Speech Agency Board.
Michelle Goddard-Kim