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It is not necessary to be a member of AFCEA NOVA to attend our events. But once you come to an event, we think you'll want to be!

All Micro Mentoring events included with one-time registration fee. 

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*Reserved for current government and active duty military – excludes government contractors. Must have a valid .gov or .mil email address.


Duration: January 2023– June 2023 (Virtual)



Join the AFCEA NOVA Micro Mentoring Program!

AFCEA NOVA is proud to be continuing our Micro Mentoring program for a third year to help develop the next generation of government business development and capture professionals. The program will go over government business development and capture profession to help students decide on a career and succeed in business development and contracting. We are going to leverage the AFCEA NOVA access to industry leaders both in the Government and in the Contracting sector to create webinars followed by limited access to our presenters for scheduled individual micro- mentoring sessions.

What is micro mentoring?

Micro mentoring is a short-term mentoring relationship featuring opportunities that can last a few hours, a few days or a could be as long as a few weeks. With a little preparation for each session this format will deliver significant insight without a long-term commitment. There will be mentorship opportunities with executives and early career professionals. This will help students learn the insider tips and tricks to be successful.

What do micro mentoring opportunities look like?

We will host a series of lectures online via Zoom (log in or call in) with the curriculum determined by AFCEA’s professionals to help navigate a career in Business Development or Capture Management. There will be reading assignments before the lectures. After the lecture presenters will set aside 2 hours over the following days broken into 30 min sessions so that 4 people will have an opportunity for a micro mentoring session. We will use Lattus, as our tool to facilitate and track interactions to include notes, actions, and outcomes. Presenters will post their scheduled availability to our closed group and members will secure times at their convenience for sessions that will be hosted on the Lattus platform so we will be able to provide follow up and track engagement for the program and document success stories.

How does the AFCEA NOVA Micro Mentoring Program work?

The AFCEA NOVA Jump Start micro mentoring program is for students and young professionals who are considering or entering a career into business development and capture. Our program capitalizes on the vibrant AFCEA community. The experience will include monthly webinars, readings, structured connections with presenters, and periodic round table sessions with program participants. This innovative approach provides an information rich experience customized towards students. Students will be prepared for a great career! As a registered participant you will have access to LATTUS where you can facilitate one on one conversations with panelists!


If you are interested in being a Panelist and are willing to donate between 3-5 hours to help young people navigate the early years please contact us at