Full Name
Moderator: Nathan Danneman, Ph.D.
Job Title
Principal Data Scientist
Speaker Bio
Dr. Nathan Danneman is a Principal Data Scientist at LMI. During his decade as a data scientist serving the DoD community, he has worked on a wide array of substantive and methodological challenges, both as a hands-on-keyboard practitioner and as a strategic thinker. Substantively, Dr. Danneman has taken part in several large cyber security research and development efforts, including serving as a Principal Investigator on multiple cyber-focused DARPA Programs. His DARPA work also includes contributions on Programs related to measuring territorial control during insurgencies and computer vision models for detecting image manipulations.

Dr. Danneman holds a BA from the University of North Carolina in Public Policy Analysis, and a PhD in Political Science from Emory University. He has applied this quantitative social science lens to problems involving multi-lingual dark web forums, adversaries moving through monitored networks, and link analysis over academic publications.

Overall, Dr. Danneman’s breadth of experience gives him a pointed view into the possibilities and pitfalls of transitioning technology to enable the warfighter: from understanding the nuances of operator needs, to managing the complexities of getting institutional buy-in, to dealing with marrying forward-leaning AI concepts with legacy data holdings.