Full Name
Dr. Lynne Graves
Job Title
Chief of Artificial Intelligence Division
U.S. Department of the Air Force
Speaker Bio
Dr. Lynne Graves has a highly accomplished career spanning over three decades, during which she has made significant contributions to the technology, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence domains. Currently serving as the Chief of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Division for the Department of the Air Force Chief Data and AI Office (CDAO), she is tasked with leading and managing the full portfolio of DAF AI efforts and is widely recognized for her expertise in advanced technologies and her ability to develop and implement effective strategies for deploying cutting-edge solutions in complex environments.
Under her leadership, the DAF is poised to become AI-ready by 2025 by establishing enterprise-wide conditions for success in AI, including training, infrastructure, and policy implementation. She is committed to ensuring that the DAF is AI-competitive by 2027 by enabling DAF organizations to build on those enterprise-wide conditions to develop AI-enabled warfighting capabilities.
Dr. Graves began her career in the legal profession, serving as a civilian in the Staff Judge Advocate’s Office at 7206 Air Base Group, Hellenikon Air Force Base, Greece. From there, she transitioned into academia, serving as a professor, technology coordinator, and media specialist at various institutions for several years.
Her career with the Department of the Air Force began in May 2010 when she joined InDyne, Inc., Eglin Air Force Base, where she was responsible for implementing and maintaining the organizational Information Assurance program. In this role, Dr. Graves ensured that the software, hardware, and firmware of information systems and networks complied with appropriate security guidelines and conducted risk and vulnerability assessments.
Her most recent assignment before assuming her current role was as a General Engineer for the Air Force SAF/AQR Office from November 2020 to date. In this position, she implemented and maintained the organizational Information Assurance program and functions, ensuring that software, hardware, and firmware of information systems and networks complied with appropriate security guidelines. She researched and reviewed acquisitions for security guideline compliance, and conducted risk and vulnerability assessments, security audits, and configuration management oversight.
In addition to her impressive professional accomplishments, Dr. Graves holds degrees from several prestigious institutions, including a Doctorate from University of South Alabama, a Juris Doctorate from Washburn University School of Law, a master’s degree from The Florida State University, a master’s degree from University of West Florida, and a bachelor’s degree from Stephens College. She is a highly respected member of the Air Force community, and her contributions have been recognized through numerous commendations and awards over the course of her career.
Lynne Graves