Full Name
Dr. Joseph Besselman
Job Title
Chief Disruption Officer supporting PEOs BES and C3I&N
U.S. Air Force
Speaker Bio
Joe Besselman presently focuses on increasing software acquisition rigor and transformation, measurement, continuous learning, agile-principled approaches, and disruptive technologies. He is a former independent consultant to industry and government, focusing on enterprise security services and disruptive technologies. Prior to that he spent about 5 years building and operating Edge measurement services for user experience and cyber defense and cool football-related iPhone apps that failed epically to make money. He spent his final Air Force tour helping to birth Global Combat Support System (GCSS-AF), growing it to more than 200 integrated capabilities, 80 enterprise services, and 800,000 users all over the world. He helped introduce edge computing, SOA, and real spiral or agile-principled approaches inside the Air Force. He holds BS and MS degrees in Engineering from LSU and a PhD in Public Policy Analysis and Management from Carnegie Mellon University, where he researched the economics of software process improvement and defense purchasing.
Joseph Besselman