Jason Dorvee, PhD
Full Name
Mr. Jason Dorvee, PhD
Job Title
I-netXt Director
MCICOM G-7, Modernization & Development
Speaker Bio
Dr. Jason R. Dorvee is the Director of Installation neXt under the U.S. Marine Corps Installations Command G7 Modernization and Development Directorate.

Installation NeXt (I-neXt) has the mission to identify, pilot, and transition solutions to solve the most pressing problems facing Marine Corps installations through facilitation, consultation, and an innovation-ecosystem of creative partnerships. The I-neXt team works towards the vision of advancing capabilities on Marine Corps installations, support the Force of the 21st Century, and realize the full potential of a "Next Generation Installations".

Dr. Dorvee started his position in January of 2020, as Director of the Installation Next Branch. The history of I-neXt has its roots in 2017 when the Commandant of the Marine Corps directed the modernization of the force to evaluate and aggressively experiment with new technology and concepts to stay ahead of adversarial advancements. In response, COMMICOM directed the establishment of the Office of Modernization and Development (G7) as a stand-alone directorate in July 2017, with MCICOM recognizing the need for change I-neXt was created as a supporting branch to the G7. I-neXt utilizes a structured process created to infuse innovation, empower its staff, and meet its mission of creating the installation of the future, and is responsible for accelerating and integrating new and emerging technologies, processes, and organizational adaptations – across the Command – as they relate to design, construction, and management of our installations. To date, I-next has explored roughly 50 projects, that have informed the advancement of capabilities on Marine Corps installations and has forged partnerships with cities, industry, Sister Services, academia, and other government agencies to explore those capabilities and provide opportunities for installations to make better decisions on how to prioritize and optimize resources to support tenant commands, operating forces, Marines and Families. Through these efforts, and the employment of I-neXt catalysts throughout the MCI regions, I-neXt is an effective broker of innovation, a catalyst for change, and a bridge builder to capabilities for MCICOM.

Prior to becoming the I-neXt Director, Dr. Dorvee was the Associate Technical Director Forward for Installations, for the U.S. Army’s Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL) located in Campaign, IL. While in that position Dr. Dorvee sat at the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Strategic Integration HQDA Pentagon, as part of the Installations of the Future Team under the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations Energy and the Environment. In that role, he was responsible for providing science and technology guidance for the integration of smart-city technologies into the management of Installations of the Future for the Army and across the DoD.

Dr. Dorvee, through coordination with Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Corps of Engineers, Industry, Academia, and Other Federal Agencies, has been aiding in the modernization and development of smart installations across the Department of Defense since the Spring of 2018. Dr. Dorvee’s education includes a B.A. in Space Science and Systems Engineering, a B.S in Chemistry/Biochemistry, a M.S. in Chemistry: Materials, from the University of California San Diego, a M.S. in Materials Engineering, a PhD in Material Science and Engineering from Cornell University and an NIH Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine.